Dr Chris Ewels biography


I have a CV available on request. There is also list of my publications and posters on my work.

Visiting Researcher at the BioNano Electronics Research Centre, Toyo University, Tokyo
Trustee for the Vega Science Trust science communication charity
Committee Member of the British Carbon Group and GDR-I Graphene Nanotubes
Co-organiser of the NanoteC international nanocarbon conference series, and others
Member editorial advisory board of Materials Today
Recipient of the 2006 EU Marie Curie Excellence Award


  • Oct 2005- : CNRS Senior Researcher (CR1) at the Institute of Materials, Nantes (CNRS UMR6502).
    Computer modelling of impurities and active sites in nanostructures. Design of new hybrid materials based on carbon nanotubes and oxide nanomaterials (applications in nanoelectronics, photovoltaics, gas sensing, catalysis, ...)
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Last modified Janvier 15, 2014