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C60 containing heavy metal atom (c)Chris Ewels If you came here by accident, my main website has a selection of nanotechnology related images and a brief guide to nanotechnology.

Nanoscience Video

What is Nanotechnology? There are now several CDROMs, DVDs and Webstreams available, many for free, providing good coverage of this:

Nanoscience brochures

Nanoscience related images

Here are some other links to nano - art galleries on the Web, some more realistic than others!

Nanoscience related software

  • CaGe - really nice fullerene generator
  • JNano - Steffen Weber's java applet to generate nanotubes and cones
  • JMol, java based molecular viewer (designed to replace Chime).
  • V Sim, a freeware visualiser package
  • Rasmol, the old classic molecular structure viewer
  • Ernst's nanotube viewer, another java applet.

Miscellaneous other links

  • Bad Science: The rather brilliant weekly Guardian column exposing dodgy media coverage of science; only occasionally about nanoscience, but always a good read.

The way home

If you want to see more objects from the nanoscale, feel free to have a look around my nanoscience image gallery. All images ©2003 Chris Ewels, please do not use without permission.


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Last modified November 10, 2006